by Umlaut

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This is the first ever independent release of music by the band/project/outfit known as Umlaut.

Formed outside of a band Matthew Verkamp was in back in high school and ended up being a solo project for several years.

Umlaut is currently a solo outfit consisting of Matthew Verkamp on all instruments and production. Matthew Verkamp liked the idea of using "Umlaut." Reason for the name is he has expressed love for the German language and the grammar. More about that later. He feels that using a moniker would be better and wants it to be about the music and less about himself. This "outfit" won't always be solo.


released September 6, 2013

Lyrics, music and album art by Matthew Verkamp



all rights reserved


Umlaut Cincinnati, Ohio

Umlaut is currently a solo outfit by Matthew Verkamp. This project may turn into a collective/band if the opportunity arises with the right people.

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Track Name: You're Not The Only One
When your loneliness takes a turn for the worst
With your anxiety keeping you down
And you don’t know what to do with yourself

Just remember you’re not the only one
Everyone wants to be sure of what is unsure
We all get like this sometimes

Just remember you’re not the only one
We all have our troubles and our doubts
And we all have our smiles and our pouts
It’s like this for everyone

We want to know
What we do not know
But sometimes
We have to just take what we’ve got
Take what we’ve got
And make it everything
Life is too short to hide in the shadows
So come with me

Some things are just hard to do
And what they say, you know that it’s true
Take everything with a grain of salt
You know very well that it’s not your fault

Because we all take two steps back
And then we take another forward
And then we repeat again

You just have to keep your head up
And always keep looking forward
You know what you’ve got to do

Come with me and you shall see
Life in another way
Life is so much better than you think
Things are so much better than you know
Track Name: Basement
When you’re all alone
In a room
Where no one can find you
And it seems so nice

In your basement
You don’t feel as vulnerable
As you did before
Out in the cold, cold world
Where no one cares about you
And no one wants to love you
Or at least it seems


Things aren’t as bad as they seem
It’s not only just a dream
It’s now part of your life
And nothing can take away a dream come true
They’ll never steal from you

You used to be scared
No one would take you seriously
And that nothing
That you did
Was right
So you never spoke again

And your vow of silence
Just drove you mad
You realized how often you talked
And got along quite well

With the people you thought hated you
They never did
They just wanted you
And they loved you very much
Track Name: The Last Word For The Day
You’ve got the last word in for the day
I never knew you had so much to say
When I thought I could see right through you
You grab my hand and say it’s not true

When you opened up my eyes
You painted for me this world of reality
A world where the truth is always skewed
Where hate thrives
And people kill when they disagree

Does anyone care about the real issues
We’re just causing more problems than solutions
With more repression than revolutions
And hateful promoting institutions
Does anyone care anymore

You told me you fought in the land of the sun
In a war that was unjust and undone
There was no way of winning
There was no reason to start in the beginning
Track Name: A Revolution
I’ve seen so much change in this world
We’ve all come very far
Our love has grown so much
And the world has shown
We can conquer all that is wrong

I’ve seen so much hate in this world
There’s still plenty around
But the more you love
The less you hate
Even the evilest man has a soft heart
Somewhere deep inside

Reach out and touch someone’s heart
Show the way and leave no one behind
Break down the walls that divide us
Don’t let tyranny win
Teach your children love and respect
Don’t let evil in
It’s time to move forward and shout
What this revolution’s all about

It’s a revolution called love
The world has been looking for it for so long
The voice of the people
Have the power to throw out
Any government that misleads them
We want a government who actually cares for
All the people who live in this world

Fuck all the nationalist fascists
Who throw people out who aren’t one of them
We want humanity before patriotism
Let’s no separate - let’s collaborate
Track Name: The Empty Heart
It’s getting dark
And the sun falls behind the hills
And the town goes to sleep
But not everyone can rest
Because the pain that tightens the chest

And the tears that run down your face
You know you can’t replace
That empty spot in your heart
So easily

The sticks and stones that break your bones
Will cripple you and make you fall to the floor
To make you crawl in agony
And let you drown in an endless sea

It always feels this way
With nowhere to go
And no one to see
That empty heart is so hurtful
That empty heart will never go away

You wake up crying out that name
A certain someone who’d be next to you
But they’re never coming back
You don’t know where to go
To find that love that will be dear to you

It took so long to find that love
And now it’s gone away

Please go away
Just go away
My heart’s been torn
And it doesn’t need anymore pain
Just take me as I am
And always be mine
Track Name: Berlin 09
You take the train into town late at night
The ambient city lights are shining bright
You dial the phone to make a call
You hear no voice
Just the sound of a disconnection
But it does not matter if she answers
Because she’s got a terrible voice for the phone

A guy gets on the train and smells really bad
The expression on his face looks really sad
But there’s no need to worry
Because he looks pretty busy
Having a one sided argument (with himself)

You look at the street lights from down below
And then think how bad the roads are
Here in the snow
But that’s because everyone else sucks
Driving in the city - they don’t give a fuck

It’s just so wonderful here
You couldn’t think of any other place
That you’d want to be
Millions of beautiful people before your eyes
So much life - other places just seem dead

You get a call back
From the girl with the hideous voice
She wants to meet you at the city square
You lose reception and the call is dropped
But that’s okay - she calls you back anyway

So you head on down on your way
To the city square
A homeless woman stops you
And begs for change
You give her all the spare change you have
In your left pocket

There’s street performers out braving the night
Some rabble rousers looking to start a fight
They end up fighting with the cops
And they get arrested
Track Name: Someday
I see the apprehension in your eyes
The face you make
It doesn’t really disguise
The fear and sadness that cling to you heart
And soul

You never were used to such good company
You slowly warmed up to the friendly faces
That were there for you
You know they love you
It’s true

I know how you feel about the world
And how life doesn’t seem to go your way
But I promise you this
Everything will work out

I know you’re feeling scared
And feeling stuck
And feeling like you never have any luck
Without support and a little faith
You’d be nowhere

But you have support and you have some faith
Things don’t have to look so bleak
Say you’re strong
And never say you’re weak
It really works

Please heed my words
We’re in this together

You’re still overwhelmed
And I understand
It always looks so big from the bottom
But the bottom is the place
Where we all begin
Track Name: Utopia
They’re all just like dandelions
Glistening from the morning dew
In the morning sun
They shine and shine

Like the pedals on the flower
They reach out with their arms
To shake your hand
And greet you - and meet you

This fantastic brand new world
Only seemed like a dream to me
With how everything yesterday was
How on Earth could this be

My eyes have been closed for far too long
I forgot what it was like to be
In a place where I felt so free
I no longer have the weight
On my shoulders anymore
I used to always feel so insecure with myself
And felt alone - felt so unsure
But not anymore

Everyone is having a ball
There’s no hostility to be seen
There’s no civil unrest
And no one has the need to go out and protest

In this utopia
Everyone knows where everything stands
They always keep reality near
And well at hand

There’s no faking the truth
Or reasons to be uncouth
So drop your guns
Stop the hate
And everyone lets create
A better place for tomorrow

I feel so great now
Come on everyone
Let’s have some fun

Just like dandelions - swaying side by side
Like a sweet summer breeze in the night
Track Name: The Fire Within
Restoration - the process takes time
The winds of change have knocked you down
You get back up to fight the demons
They can’t torture you anymore

You’ve got the fire within
The light it sheds keeps the pits of Hell away
Your strength has grown ten fold

Your words are sharper than any sword
They’ll slay anyone in the way
You’re well armed within your soul

For the many years that went by
You strived for strength
But it was always so hard to try
To pick everything up that fell along the way
But as the evening fog has set in
You didn’t let the labyrinth ahead consume you
And win

You were buried under tons of debris
No one could hear you
While you cried out for the light

But you didn’t give up the give up the fight
You carried on and climbed back up on your own
Letting go was not an option

The blisters and cuts don’t hurt anymore
You lick your wounds and carry on
With every breath you’ve got
You’re not in chains anymore

And when the storm comes rolling in
You’re not gonna run away easily
You won’t run away easily